How to build ROM for android ( Only for Samsung Galaxy Varian )

Allhamdulilah akhirnya nemu juga nih tutor… Cekidot

Requirements :

1. OS linux Ubuntu 11.04 64bits ( recommended ) or above

2. 2Gb RAM with 3Gb swap or above

3. Processor Centrino Duo or above

4. 120Gb Harddisk or above

5. Fast internet connection ( i have no this 😦 )

First download this file

for password goto this link

you will get , run this file via Terminal on Ubuntu

follow all instruction that appears,

after Finish, now we goto download repository

still on Terminal


mkdir -p ~/android/system

sudo curl > /bin/repo

sudo chmod a+x /bin/repo

cd /android/system

repo init -u git:// -b gingerbread

repo sync -j32

now you can build the rom, and choose what device that you want to build 😀

for reference ,

have fun to build the rom 🙂


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